Smart Trunk Opener

Hands-free vehicle access demonstration

We are thrilled to unveil the demo video for our Smart Trunk Opener—the culmination of hard work and innovation.

In this demo, witness the firsthand integration of radar technology that transforms trunk access into a truly hands-free experience. We believe in making every journey effortless, and this demo showcases the power of innovation in action.

Product specifications

  • Hands-free access to vehicles
  • Advanced RF technology for accurate and reliable detection
  • Pulsed Doppler Radar
  • Enhances convenience and safety for drivers and passengers
  • Customizable detection range and sensitivity for individual needs
  • Easy installation and integration with existing vehicle systems with LIN 2.1
  • Ultra low power consumption for extended battery life

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequency range: 24 GHz ISM Band
  • Detection range: up to 1.5 meters
  • Sensitivity: adjustable in increments of 10 cm
  • Communication Interfaces: LIN, UART
  • Input Voltage: 4V - 20V
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 105°C
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 40mm x 10mm
  • Lightweight

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